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Starting SeSAm:
What you can see after starting SeSAm? What is the model library? What are the important elements in the installation folder?

Simple Random Walker:
This video is a walk through implementing a model with agents that randomly walk around. So, it not just shows how to create agents and define simple behavior, but also how to deal with maps and animation and nice visualization. This is also a first introduction into the relevant parts of the overall SeSAm user interface.

Random Walker that can perceive while walking:
Extension of the Random Walker model: we add resources (“food”) and let the agents perceive their environment and react to perceiving food. At the end of the video we make the world create new food items.

Sharing Economy:
This is a video explaining the implementation of a sharing economy in which each agent picks randomly another agent and shares a small amount of a currency. This is fully non-spatial model (no map). The video also shows how to use the integrated plotting component that allow to visualize ongoing dynamics without animation.


This document is a condensed description of the language that is used to formulate models in SeSAm:

Example models